Nominate a Young Global Leader

Your chance to be part of the  “50 Young Global Leaders”, a 2-year program to improve the state of the world.

GYAEN are bringing together global citizens who have demonstrated a consistent and committed approach to creating innovative solutions to world problems that face us all today.

Solution goals, which have been carefully formed and is monitored by the United Nations.


Role Models.

Entrepreneurship is key to achieve their aim but is subject to diverse factors and complexity when interacted with ethnicity, culture and social class.

The 50YGLs work toward inspiring each other’s entrepreneurial understanding and influences whilst taking into consideration ethnic culture.

This allows us to create intricate and integrated collaborative initiatives, networking, strategies and much needed research for our global community and range of industries that are impacted by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Click here to see what the UN SDGs are:

The urgent need for 50 Young Leaders.

Industries across the globe are beginning to appreciate the risks and opportunities embedded in the UN’s 17 Global Goals.

The 50 Young Global Leaders will work at the heart of this space to enable movement from risk to opportunity – an area underexplored from the viewpoint of a young leader’s ethical, cultural influences.

The 50YGLs are catalysing, broadcasting and motivating this innovation potential, actively supported by GYAEN.

The aims and core of 50 Young Global Leaders actions are to accelerate the creation of new visions, objectives, initiatives and business models towards achieving inclusive, strategic and sustainable solutions that address the vital context of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

See our development roadmap, project structure or contact us for more information.