CrowdSourced Knowledge & Data

Be at the forefront of ideas through gaining knowledge and sourcing data on industries, as 2 of 3 people in the world come online.

Our platform relies on the following projects: FaceBook Internet.Org and Google Project Loon to bring internet access to the world’s isolated and rural areas.

This Platform.

GYAEN is unique as we are the only entrepreneurs’ network built on crowd-sourced knowledge and data sharing, which are decentralised and then distribute it to our community to be built, tailored and innovated upon.

Human diversity, ethnicity and culture can birth groundbreaking ideas for communities of all size in the globe. As more people come online, we cultivate this knowledge and data to harness your ability to create tailored and impactful services/products, providing solutions to the smallest communities anywhere for a better world.

Be A Leader In Industries.

We let you easily find market and industry moulding insights, reliable future prediction and implement global hot and blind spots in market spaces and industries within your organisation strategy.

We help to shape your global intelligence as a leader.

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