25 Senior Global Leaders

Nominate a Senior Global Leader

Be part of the 25 Senior Global Leaders Forum and bring meaningful global change.

GYAEN’s 25 Senior Global Leaders forum is the world’s first 2-year platform for those aged 60+. Running in close collaboration with 25 Young Global Leaders Forum. Connecting those across industries, across regions, across countries and collaborating with our X Global Leaders.

Make a small dent in the world through tackling the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.


Role Models.

We believe the accomplishments of senior entrepreneur and leaders are every bit as meaningful, every bit as newsworthy, as the accomplishments of our young entrepreneurs. .

With 4 decades plus experience, the success rate of making a change in the world is 70% much higher than the 28% of young entrepreneurs and leaders. GYAEN bridges this generation gap.

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