Capital Investments

Connect your idea to Venture Capitals and Angels across 14 countries.

Center-tailored to you, managed by entrepreneurs and industry veterans, we work with both young companies who are discovering their stride and established ones looking for the next level of disruptive growth.

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Our Approach.

We ensure the beautification of your idea and company so your vision is represented in the application you make to the investors.

Connecting To Investors

Meet VCs, Angels and High Net Wealth Management organisations looking for the next leading ideas and companies.

Your Pitch Deck

Pitch decks ranging from 15-30 pages, tailored to reflect your idea. Laying the foundation of your funding rounds.

Business Modelling

Tailoring budgets, revenue and financial forecasts, valuations and competitor market research.

Elevator Pitch

These decks are 7-10 pages of punchy content aimed to be consumed in less than a minute.

Trends and Innovation Reports

Implementing opportunities and implications of hot and blind spots from the market into your strategy.

Global Events

Join and meet key investors at key global capital events.

Finding Gems.

We connect the best ideas to our network of Venture Capital Funds and Angels across 14 countries.

Our platform, Crowd Sourced Knowledge & Data Network, allow us to meet some of the most innovative companies and ideas from various industries. Attracting VCs, Angels and High Net Wealth Management groups looking for the next big idea.

Post Investment.

We give you access to a range of advisory networks consisting of global industry experts, accelerators, incubators, research centres along with Trends and Innovation Lab – keeping you ahead of the changing waves being made in the global market curves.

Helping the investment take you the extra miles.

Our application response time is less than 10 days or you can contact us with your enquiries.