Gender 50-50

Team up with successful women from across the globe who leading the way to gender equality. Levelling the playing field with in entrepreneurship.

Need For Fix.

With many young women of various ethnic and cultural background starting out in business, unfortunately, don’t always have others around them who can truly empathise how difficult it can be.

It can take a lot of motivation building a successful business and give time to activities which align with one’s culture and faith.

We are proud to say that our growing membership of women entrepreneurs around the world leading the path in solving complexity which arises when entrepreneurship interacts with ethnicity and culture.

However, many are not given a platform to be portrayed as role models. Leading to a small presence. We are slowly changing that!

We are changing that!

Our Way.

We are supporting platform which allows us to come together as one strong and gender-balanced community.

A platform with strong voices and involvement in various industries and markets where our young women entrepreneurs are making a big impact.

Best Connections.

GYAEN team and advisers include very successful women who are leading the way to equality through diversity in the entrepreneurship scene.

We are consistently building partnerships with Women leaders. Collaborating together on one objective, supporting Women of ethnic and cultural background to come together and build a platform to inspire others as one close community.

We are aiming for 50/50 membership gender balance
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