Our Projects

Relationship Facilitation

Fostering conversations between leading entrepreneurs & businesses, innovation centers and policymakers, GYAEN has 3 major and many micro events every year focused on facilitating that relationship.

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Global activities
We are the first young entrepreneurs’ network focusing on building a presence for equality in 400+ ranked innovative cities around the world. Our strong partnership with digital hubs across the globe, allows us to make this happen. Keeping global collaboration at the heart of building an equal and culturally rich economy.





Gender 50/50

With many young women of various ethnic and cultural background starting out in business, unfortunately, don’t always have others around them who can truly empathise how difficult it can be. We are proud to say that our growing membership of women entrepreneurs are leading the path in solving arising complexity when entrepreneurship interacts with ethnicity and culture.

Team up with our successful women from across the globe who are leading the way to gender equality. At GYAEN, we are levelling the playing field across industries.


Academic Forum

We have relationships with leading academics and partnerships with universities across the globe, with the mission of making academic research as the core foundation of business architect structures. Enabling the exchange and sharing of the latest academic based industry research and insights from university to university. Follow our Twitter feed.

We foster opportunities for talents to flourish.


CrowdSourced Knowledge and Data

Human diversity, ethnicity, and culture can give birth groundbreaking ideas to communities of all size across the globe. As more people come online, we cultivate this knowledge and data to harness your ability to create tailored and impactful services/products, providing solutions to the smallest communities anywhere in the world.

We rely on the following projects: FaceBook Internet.Org and Google Project Loon to provide internet access to the world’s isolated and rural areas. Letting our members find industry insights, for a more reliable future prediction and idea implementation.


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