X Innovators

Your chance to be part of the ‘xinnovators’, a 2-year platform for young/senior global scientists of innovators.

We are bringing together leaders from global private and public sectors, entrepreneurs, students who have committed approach to creating innovative solutions to world problems that face us all today.


Our Goals.

2 goals with 2 words, Improve and create.

  1. Improve representatives of BAME diversity at leadership levels within the scientific based innovation community.
  2. Create solutions for United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Focusing on research and development of pioneering technology to have an impact.


Role Models.

We have created a collaborative platform and a global advisory team to accelerate impact. The ‘xinnovators’ inspire each other’s vision, passion and influence.

The chance to be a part of:

  • Strategic initiatives, inclusive projects and business models created by the 30 young and senior scientific leaders.
  • As an innovator, work at the heart and enable the UN SDG movement from risk to opportunity – an area under-explored from the viewpoint of a BAME’s ethical, cultural influence.

  • Receive support from exceptional leadership, companies, research and academic institutes. Develop for tomorrows challenge and learn from leaders every day.

  • Post 2-years, you will become part of our alumni class, allowing you to continue making a change.

Click here to see what the UN Sustainable Development Goals are: https://sustainabledevelopment.un.org.


Our Criteria.

  • The nominees must have a scientific or technical background.
  • Young Innovators must be aged between 20-35.
  • Senior innovators must be over age 60+


The urgent need for 30 young and senior scientific innovators.

Industries across the globe are beginning to appreciate the risks and opportunities embedded in the UN’s 17 Global Goals. The X Global Leaders are catalysing, broadcasting and motivating innovation.

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